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AAHA Accredited Since the beginning

Tennessee Avenue Animal Hospital is one of the original hospitals to obtain accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). It is also one of only two to have continuously remained accredited since 1933. The original owner of our hospital was also one of the original founders of AAHA.

Achieving excellence in veterinary medicine takes time. While we have had the last 80+ years to hone our services and set new goals, we always look forward to increasing out standards. What does this mean for you and your pet?

What is AAHA?

AAHA is the only accrediting body for animal hospitals in the United States and Canada. Since 1933, AAHA has helped animal practices nationwide commit to raising their standards and staying at the forefront of veterinary progress.

For an animal hospital to be AAHA accredited, it must meet around 900 different quality standards in every area, including but not limited to:

  • Anesthesia and monitoring safety
  • Hygienics
  • Customer service and client communication
  • Patient care and handling
  • Vaccines
  • Filing systems
  • Dental and surgical practices
  • Exam protocols
  • Medication storage

Only after strict inspection by AAHA experts can a hospital be fully assessed and deemed accredited. Furthermore, to stay accredited, animal hospitals must undergo and pass inspection every three years.

How Our Accreditation Benefits You and Your Pet

We go to great lengths to ensure that we're meeting the highest standards of quality in all areas of medicine. What does this mean for you and your pet? It means personable, one-on-one customer service and veterinary care. It also means putting your pet's comfort, safety, and health needs first. Finally, we want only the very best treatment for your companion whenever they come to see us. That's our goal.

To learn more about AAHA, contact us or visit

aaha accredited

"AAHA - The League of Champions"

Consumers Advocate recently published an article, "AAHA - The League of Champions" educating readers about AAHA and explaining how it sets animal hospitals apart. Our very own Dr. Bo and several other veterinarians of AAHA-accredited practices weigh in on what makes accreditation important, and what it means for pets and their owners.  Read the full article here.


Tennessee Avenue Animal Hospital

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