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Case #5

Case of the week: 5m female Boxer CC: Vomiting Vaccination status: 3 DHPP’s on 6/14/18, 7/12/18, and 8/23/28 Rabies and Bordetella 7/12/18. History: Vomiting and diarrhea starting yesterday. Did get into the trash over the weekend, unsure what she ate Physical exam: T: 100.7 P: 124 R: 16 Gums: tacky, slightly delayed CRT 30.5lbs (underweight)…

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Case #4

History: Loose stool for 5 days or so. No vomiting, patient is eating/drinking normally. Case #4 does have a history of getting things out of the garbage. Vaccine status: Owner thinks they have had the patient vaccinated once since they adopted him 3 years ago, not sure where the records are. PE: T: 102.2 HR:…

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Case #3

Signalment: ~6y MN Pit Bull History: Adopted from SPCA 3 days before presentation. Owners noticed nasal discharge the day after they adopted him. Case #3 then developed a cough and loss of appetite. Vaccine status (SPCA) DHPP initial and boostered Bordetella once Heartworm negative Dewormed twice (presumed Pyrantel) PE: Lethargic T: 102.7 P: 100 R:…

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Case #2

Case of the Week CC: RH foot swollen and infected. Owners first noticed one week ago. Vaccine history: None PE: T: 102.2 HR: 136 RR : 20 NWB RH foot, entire paw is swollen and there is a draining abscess present Diagnostics: Recommended CBC/Chem and Culture/Sensitivity, but owner declined Treatment: General anesthesia to clean and…

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Case #1

Case #1: 7y FS Doberman Pinscher CC: Trouble using hind legs Owner took Case #1 camping this weekend When she got back home, she was reluctant to rise and seemed wobbly in the hind end Has improved since yesterday Physical exam: Normal TPR and mentation No CP deficits No ataxia No pain on palpation of…

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