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Case #4

History: Loose stool for 5 days or so. No vomiting, patient is eating/drinking normally. Case #4 does have a history of getting things out of the garbage. Vaccine status: Owner thinks they have had the patient vaccinated once since they adopted him 3 years ago, not sure where the records are. PE: T: 102.2 HR:…

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Case #3

Signalment: ~6y MN Pit Bull History: Adopted from SPCA 3 days before presentation. Owners noticed nasal discharge the day after they adopted him. Case #3 then developed a cough and loss of appetite. Vaccine status (SPCA) DHPP initial and boostered Bordetella once Heartworm negative Dewormed twice (presumed Pyrantel) PE: Lethargic T: 102.7 P: 100 R:…

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