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Case #3

Signalment: ~6y MN Pit Bull

History: Adopted from SPCA 3 days before presentation. Owners noticed nasal discharge the day after they adopted him. Case #3 then developed a cough and loss of appetite.

Vaccine status (SPCA)

  • DHPP initial and boostered
  • Bordetella once
  • Heartworm negative
  • Dewormed twice (presumed Pyrantel)

PE: Lethargic T: 102.7 P: 100 R: 40, increased respiratory effort, bilateral nasal discharge

  • harsh lung sounds all quadrants
  • underweight


  • CBC: Increased WBCs (29; n= 6-17) and neutrophils (25, n=3-12)
  • Chemistry: Increased BUN (28, n=7-25) and Globulins (6.2, n=2.3-5.2)
  • Thoracic radiographs: Diffuse alveolar pattern consistent with pneumonia
    • Almost no normal lung present


  • Hospitalization with IV LRS
  • Enrofloxacin injection first night, switched to oral antibiotics the next morning as his appetite had improved
    • Enrofloxacin (136mg PO BID)
    • SMZ’s (960mg PO BID)
  • Hydrocodone as cough suppressant (5mg PO BID-TID)
  • Case #3 responded very well to IV fluids and antibiotic therapy and was able to be discharged on oral medications after 2 days of hospitalization and fluids. He has now completed all vaccines recommended by TAAH (Rabies, Lepto and Influenza series), gained 12 pounds, and is a new dog!

What I learned

  • The value of IV fluids
  • The value of radiographs
  • Don’t assume you know what an owner is or is not willing to do for their pet
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