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Case #5

Case of the week: 5m female Boxer

CC: Vomiting

Vaccination status:

  • 3 DHPP’s on 6/14/18, 7/12/18, and 8/23/28
  • Rabies and Bordetella 7/12/18.

History: Vomiting and diarrhea starting yesterday. Did get into the trash over the weekend, unsure what she ate

Physical exam:
T: 100.7
P: 124
R: 16
Gums: tacky, slightly delayed CRT
30.5lbs (underweight)


  • Recommended Parvo virus test, bloodwork, and radiographs
  • Owner elected for treatment today, will bring back for diagnostics if pt doesn’t improve
    • SQ fluids and Cerenia
    • TGH on Cerenia, Metronidazole, bland diet

Re-presents the next day because she isn’t any better

  • T: 101.5 P: 124 R: 20 clinically dehydrated
  • Parvo test: positive
  • CBC/chem WNL


  • Hospitalization and IV fluids
  • Enrofloxacin and Cerenia injections

Case #5 responded very well to treatment! She was able to go home after 2 days of hospitalization on oral Metronidazole, Cerenia, and a bland diet.

Recheck: 6 days after discharge

  • Case #5 is doing great! No vomiting, normal poop
  • Back on her regular diet
  • Physical exam WNL

Ongoing care for Case #5:

  • DHLPP series
  • Recheck fecal
  • Weight gain/growth
  • Still needs to be spayed
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