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Advanced Diagnostics for Rapid Treatment

Whether your pet is healthy or sick, there is always more than meets the eye. A standard physical exam is limited in how much it uncovers about your pet's internal health. Therefore, diagnostics are necessary for a complete evaluation. With blood and urine testing and digital X-ray, we can examine your pet inside and out and detect problems that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Furthermore, if your pet has an emergency, we can obtain quick results using cutting-edge laboratory equipment.

We're pleased to offer advanced technology and testing for your pet. Like you, we want to know if they're having a problem, and what the cause is. We use every capability to find answers and put together the most practical treatment plan for your loved one.


Digital X-ray

Our veterinarians are skilled in operating our digital X-ray machine, which produces sharper images in far less time than film X-ray equipment. Along with allowing us to examine your pet's bones for fractures, arthritis or signs of deformity, we can also spot tumors and detect foreign bodies. Since our X-ray procedures are non-invasive and take less time than traditional X-rays, we generally do not need to sedate our patients for this procedure.


Tennessee Avenue Animal Hospital

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